Urban jungle style sweatshirt

Urban jungle style sweatshirt

Jungle monster on dreskod.pl Instagram monstera leaf

Urban jungle style sweatshirt

Monsteraholy, or monstera deliciosa, has been a beloved pot plant for green fans at home for years. Why is monstera so popular? There are at least several reasons. First of all, its leaves are extremely effective. Secondly, breeding is not complicated, because a jungle monster doesn't need much to be happy.

Sweatshirt with a floral motif

Monstera is a group of plants that includes about 25 species of vines. In nature, it occurs in the tropical climates of America and the Caribbean. Growing next to trees, it can reach a height of over 20 m. It owes its beauty to leaky leaves. They are so delightfully beautiful that they have become one of the main symbols of the urban jungle style. The monstera leaf motif appears on wallpapers, curtains, tablecloths and bedding. Today, it adorns the home of almost every hipster and plant freak. And now it is also present on Monster Baby sweatshirts from the new dreskod.pl collection.

Where did the holes in the leaves of the monstera come from?

Well, there is no clear answer. Botanists are still trying to unravel the mystery of how notches are formed and - perhaps even more puzzling - what they are for. One theory is that the vents protect the plant from damage during gusty tropical winds. Another says the idea is for the plant to catch as much light as possible, which does not often break through the dense canopy of trees. It is said that the formation of holes in the large leaves allows the monster to catch the maximum amount of sunlight, and at the same time allows to illuminate the parts of the plants below. And what theory do you know about holes in the leaves?

Sweatshirt for monster fans

A true lover of the monstrous plant has this pattern on almost everything: your favorite coffee mug, cosmetic bag or smart case. It's obvious that the set would also need a nice piece of clothing. Best brand DRES KOD ;-)

Monster Baby sweatshirt is available in eight models. They differ in the color of the knitted fabric and the print. There are sweatshirts to choose from: black with a white pattern, white with black and green, pink with brown leaves, beige with a black pattern and white and black monstery on a coffee background. The collection also includes a real firecracker - a bottle green hoodie with a white print.

Hoodie hoodie

Monster Baby sweatshirt is an improved version of the well-known DK05 model. We added an overprint and this is how this miracle was created. However, remember that the background is the same fabric as in the classic kangaroo version. This means that the DK02 and DK02F sweatpants are also made of the same materials. You can complete your fashionable sweatshirt set without worrying about the differences in shade. The proposed sweatshirt was made of excellent quality "scratched" sweatshirt fabric (it's the soft one, with a nice fluff on the left side). The sweatshirt is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. This makes it pleasant to touch and flexible. You can easily adjust it to any figure. The sweatshirt is warm and airy. On the front, there is a comfortable pocket with a petticoat.

It is worth mentioning the hood. It is spacious and has a perfectly contoured shape. Thanks to this, just a gust of wind won't blow him off his head. For comfort, it has a white, cotton string pulled on. The Monster Baby long sweatshirt is finished with a comfortable welt at the bottom and sleeves. It is flexible, but also resistant to deformation. Thanks to it, the sweatshirt effectively rests on the hips. The sleeves can be pulled up to the elbows endlessly. Don't worry about the cuff stretching and losing its elasticity.

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